St. James Parish: Barnsmoker, Bonfires, and More

St. James Parish: Barnsmoker, Bonfires, and More

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Barnsmoker – a celebration of Perique

Make plans to attend the Barnsmoker event in St. James Parish in October 26, 2019. This annual celebration focuses on perique, a tobacco that can only come from St. James Parish. Visit the Barnsmoker event website today for the latest information.

Historic Tours

While here for the Barnsmoker, plan a trip to immerse yourself in the history of St. James Parish at one of the four plantations located here.

Laura Plantation

Oak Alley Plantation

Poche Plantation

St. Joseph Plantation

Swamp Tours

Swamp Tours

Explore the eco-system that makes Southern Louisiana so unique. The swamps and bayous have molded our way of life, traditions, and culture. Our swamp tours show you just how this happened up close and personal – and the gators are cool too.


Stay in St. James Parish

Lodging is available when you vacation out here.  Check out our list of lodging and make your reservation today.


Getting to St. James Parish

Port of South Louisiana Executive Regional Airport Private charter flights – Reserve


Buy Tickets Online

Purchase tickets for your tours and other experiences online.


Bonfires on the Levee

Every Christmas Eve, St. James Parish celebrates Christmas by lighting the way for Papa Noel. Watch this Bonfires on the Levee video and you’ll want to come stay in St. James Parish with your family to celebrate the holidays.


Check out our Itineraries

Many of our itineraries feature stops in St. James Parish.  Check out this one we’ve selected:

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Make planning your next vacation to Louisiana's River Parishes easy. Use one of our trip itineraries to get started.


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Andouille was created here, so get out and try the local smokehouses that each have their own version of the "best".

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The region out here is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts to explore and find adventure.

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Lac Des Allmands

Famous for catfish, Lac Des Allemands is a haven for outdoor sportsmen.

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Enjoyed around the world, Perique can only be grown and processed out here.

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Cajun and Creole cuisine are as necessary to our culture as the people who make it.

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Tour buses, shuttles and local airports are all transportation options for the River Parishes.

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Louisiana's River Parishes offers a wide range of lodging options from rustic and quaint to upscale and luxurious.

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